Get the metadata for the associated reference token. If metadata is associated with the token, it will be returned as originally sent.



AuthorizationStringALTR API's authorization protocol relies on a properly formatted authorization header. The accepted format is: "ALTR " + api_key + ":" + signature. signature is a base64-encoded, SHA-256 hash that uses the API key's secret as the key for the hash function. The payload being hashed must follow the format:* HTTP-METHOD + "\n" + RESOURCE + "\n" + DATE + "\n". DATE must match X-ALTR-DATE*, and RESOURCE must match the referenceToken in the query string. An example payload for a GET request is: "GET\n" + referenceToken + "\n01-01-1970 00:00:00\n"
X-ALTR-DATEDateThe datetime used in the authorization signature. If this is more than 15 minutes past the server's internal clock, the request will be rejected.
date = new Date();
payload = 'GET\n' + referenceToken + '\n' + date + '\n';
API_KEY = <your API key>;
SECRET = <your API secret>;
    "X-ALTR-DATE": date,
    "Authorization": "ALTR " + API_KEY + ":" + base64(hmac-sha256(payload, SECRET))


referenceTokenStringThe token that is associated with the metadata.


successStringBoolean indicating if the request was successful.
metadataStringIf available, the metadata associated with the token.
    "success": true,
    "metadata": "filename.txt"

Error Codes

401unauthorizedThe API key could not be authenticated.
403forbiddenAPI key does not have read permissions.
404resource_not_foundThe requested resource could not be found.
503internal_errorThe web server encountered an unexpected error.
HTTP/1.1 503 Internal Server Error
  "error_type": "internal_error",
  "error_message": "Unable to process request at this time."
HTTP/1.1 401 Authentication Required
  "error_type": "unauthorized",
  "error_message":  "API key must be included in header."
HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
  "error_type": "forbidden",
  "error_message":  "API key does not have read permissions."
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
  "error_type": "resource_not_found",
  "error_message":  "Token could not be found."